The Slavery Chronicles Elder D. R. Allen

Wood Is Wonderful Gallery in association with PlainBrown will host a monthly series, The Slavery Chronicles, a dramatic presentation that fills in the details that the history books omitted.  “We are telling the stories of our ancestors through the medium of the Arts”.  PlainBrown will host.  The featured artist for Friday, August 28, 2009 7:00pm is:

Elder D. R. Allen

'Corrective Historiography'

Join Elder Allen on an ethnological journey from East of Eden to Ghana's Cape Coast and Elmina.

Explore slavery from a different prospective. We call it 'corrective historiography' in the light of Ethnology.

Admission $10.00.  Children 15 and under free.

Location: Wood Is Wonderful Gallery: 2312 Benjamin Mays Dr. Atlanta, GA 30311.

For more information contact PlainBrown (404) 622-5588 or Yusef Crowder (678) 793-3205.

Name Price Fee
The Slavery Chronicles $10 $1.24