9/26/09: Tran$ferable $kills – What are they; what do they mean to me?©

Tran$ferable $kills!

Tran$ferable $kills –What are they; what do they mean to me?© is our latest workshop, developed for professionals and presented in conference call format. It is designed to assist you in understanding what makes a skill transferable, identifying your own transferable skills, and learning how you can apply them to create additional revenue streams, or expand your career options – or both!


The world of work is changing every day!  Concerned about how you fit in? Then Tran$ferable $kills –What are they; what do they mean to me?© is just what you need. This teleclass works with professionals to identify  transferable skills and ways to use them. Register today for this teleclass to learn:

·         Just what makes a skill transferable

·         Which of your own skills are transferable

·         How you can use them to advance your

career or create additional revenue streams


Strengthen your position when your company considers re-structuring, layoff or downsizing. This teleclass will help you learn how what you already know can be used in different ways to benefit your employer. Increase your value! Register now for this teleclass and for only $45 you can stay ahead of the pink slip

Are you among the frequently furloughed professionals looking for a way to supplement the widening gap between your income and your expenses? Then you need to register for Tran$ferable $kills –What are they; what do they mean to me?© Spend 45 minutes to learn how you can identify ways to generate additional income using skills and experience you already have.

Want to change careers, but the thought of going back to school and learning something entirely new shuts out the possibility? Then Tran$ferable $kills –What are they; what do they mean to me?©is just what you need!  Register now for this 45 minute teleclass to understand how what you’ve always done can be used in a whole new way. Class size is limited, so claim your spot by enrolling now.

The fine print: Registration is non-refundable. But if you let us know in advance that you won’t be able to participate, you can transfer your entire registration fee to another McCatalyst workshop or teleclass. Just send an email no less than 24 hours before the start of your session to Register@McCatalyst.com.


Name Price
Tran$ferable $kills Sat - Sept 26, 10AM/E   $45

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