Plantable Paper Making Class

Plantable paper is "tree free" paper made using unwanted paper and embedding wildflower seeds. (I actually use junkmail to make mine) Plant the paper and colorful wildflowers actually grow! You can also use vegetable or herb seeds as well. Use this biodegradable paper for greeting cards, wedding or baby shower favors, wedding confetti, funeral prayer cards, Hospice Memorial cards, Business cards, gift tags, pillow boxes, stationary and more!

Plantable paper is all the rage right now and is very pricey. The market is hot for all things "green" so why not make it yourself? You can become a seller or just make gifts for your friends and family. Did you know that a small plantable paper card that sells for $6 on the internet costs less than a twenty cents to make!

You can find basic instructions on the internet but the majority of those articles give inaccurate or incomplete information. For example, most tell you to dry your paper using an oven or hairdryer. BUT heat will kill the germination process so the flowers will not grow. The truth is that making paper using basic instructions does not produce quality results.

This course will be hands on, no boring lectures or book study. You will actually make three sections of plantable paper (your choice of colors) with dried flowers for decoration and take it home with you. The course registration fee includes a 75 page instruction book and lunch. The book comes with step by step details and photos to assist you in making paper the right way once you are at home. The fee also includes lunch.

REGISTER EARLY PLEASE as this class will fill up quickly as registration is limited to twenty in order to provide individual attention to each student. To register please vist: and click on the menu on the right side for Plantable Paper Making.
After registering, you will receive an email with class details and directions to the location. Questions? Call 919-801-1468

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Seed Paper . This special paper is handmade by Botanical PaperWorks using post-consurmer materials and is embedded with wildflower, herb or vegetable seeds.

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