“What's Philosophy Got to do with Your Health?”

 Watch and discuss a videotaped interview with Dr. Eric Cassell speaking with Dr. Susan Massad on the subject, “What's Philosophy Got to do with Your Health?”  This interview examines the role philosophy and postmodern approaches to human development can play in addressing the health care crisis in America. This is part of a series of conversations at the East Side Institute exploring philosophical, political, and developmental issues involved in socializing one’s health (and illness). This event will be of interest to health care providers and all individuals who are interested in exploring developmental issues and health. 

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In this second conversation in the series – What's Philosophy Got to do with Your Health? – internist and medical educator Dr. Susan Massad and social therapist ...


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What's Philosophy Got to Do With Your Health? With non-traditional treatment approaches like homeopathy, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and meditation …


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