PART II: Why Diets are Keeping You FAT!

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PART II:  “Why diets Keep U FAT!”


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1.  Why diets are keeping you FAT!


2. How to eliminate cravings in 5 minutes or less


3. How the 3 simple “Breakthrough Pleasure Principles”, can free you to enjoyment and freedom


4. How your true needs directly impact emotional eating


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Weight loss seminar1. Learn the missing keys to absolute certainty of your weight losssuccess


2. How to apply the BTW “Pleasure Principles” for maximum results


3. How to leverage a simple daily practice to virtually eliminate self-sabotage


As you all know I was not able to complete all the content planned for you.  And I received many emails thanking me, expressing how enlightening, freeing and transformational this experience was for many.

BUT, ladies, there is much, much more that is fundamental to your long-term success and I want to give it to YOU!  Why, you deserve it! 

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Why Diets are KEEPING You FAT! 


Is the number on the scale still the same after all your efforts, or even worse MORE!  Clearly, something is not working.

weight lossFACT:  Most women start out very optimistic in the beginning of the newest diet, but inevitably at some point and time always fall of the wagon.

FACT:  Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that diets work for less than 10% of people.  Some research states less thn 5%.

FACT:  Eating is not due to lack of will power, eating is under the control of your brain.  Like our inability to resist sleep, our brains will over ride our will power and make us eat and draw us to pleasurable foods.

As you know by now it is not about the diet or exercise program.  Its about behavior change that lasts.  That change ladies, happens in your brain.

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The beginning of almost all disordered eating starts with dieting.  Disordered eating is defined by

 eating for reasons "other than hunger".  The first thing you have to do is understand the extreme's of the diet mentality and realize that it is the diet itself that is setting you up for failure and ultimately bingeing.

Human behavior is predicated on 1 of two things states Anthony Robbins, behavior change guru to movie stars, presidents and C.E.O's, pain or pleasure.

Now ladies, how this relates to you is dieting and the inability to sustain the "diet."  human beings make choices whether consious of it or not, to either avoid pain or seek pleasure.  Understanding that, how long do you think you will sustain plain chicken, green beens and brocolli and brown rice?  You tell me?  If you associate too much pain with your diet, your physiology is designed to seek pleasure.  I will teach you more about the neuro science later, but that fact alone is a powerful one to know.

chocolateDiets are essentially road maps for failure, gaining weight and losing control.  so the question remains now, if you already feel like you don't have control, how do you gain control and NOT diet?

Great question.  It all starts with a major change of focus, essential support tools to deal with those nasty little cravings, clear and consistent accountability and a daily practie of gratitude, self love and dare I say it, OMG yes, PLEASURE SEEKING.  Well isn't that a novel idea?  Who is this crazy woman...........  Maybe even with FOOD!   OMG

Is this possible, you ask?  What if I told you women who lost weight and kept it off for more than 5 years, and naturally skinny and fit women used these skills to get what they want.  We learn from the success of others.

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Would you like to change the approach to weight loss that has been causing the problem in the first place?

Would you like to learn the mindset that will get and keep you skinny for good?

Would you like to end the diet/binge cycle and never feel guilty about what you eat again?

Ladies, here is the good news, YOU CAN!

body love, sexyCome and let me teach you how you yourself can start to become the skinny woman you have always wanted to be.  It all starts with your mind and I want to give you the skills to make your skinny body a reality.  YOU CAN do it, I promise!

Isn't it time to finally use all that wonderful energy in the ways you truly want.  Wouldn't it be nice to free your mind from obsessive calorie counting, scales, points, bad and good and get skinny and love your body?

Do you know what the definition of insanity is?  Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  You're not crazy are you?  I didn't think so.  Really, you'd be crazy not to come and find out what thousands of others already know.


Take Immediate Control of your Weight. 
Find out HOW?

dietFACT:  Many serial dieters report that they feel food controls them instead of them controlling the food.

FACT:  Neuro biology is showing the brain secretes unusually high levels of a pleasure hormone called dopamine whenever we eat foods we love.  This reward system hard wired into the brain leads to compulsive eating.

FACT:  Addiction and binge eating are quite similar in biological terms.  Recent research makes it clear that the brain’s reward systems play a key role in the control of eating behaviors.

Do you want to find our “HOW” to change your very responses to food, to anxiety or loneliness?

Would it be valuable to you to learn a technique that can put you in immediate control over any food you feel you are a slave to?


What if it was possible to never feel guilty again over what you ate and STILL LOST WEIGHT?  Would learning this be worth your time?

What if you could end your addiction to chocolate, pasta, chips bread or pastry?  Would that be valuable to you?

If the answer is YES, SIGN UP NOW and find out how YOU CAN do just that! 

In this 2 hour seminar you will walk away with a proven technique to end your food cravings in the moment.  This technique is simple, easy to remember and apply and can be used anywhere, anytime.  

You CAN do this, I promise. 

Do you know what the definition of insanity is?  Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  You’re not CRAZY ARE YOU?  I didn’t think so.  You’d be crazy not to come and find out what thousands of others already know.

Don't wait any longer.  Help yourself.  Food doesn't have to be your enemy.  Get control, lose weight free your mind and LOVE your BODY!  You deserve it!

Weight loss seminar

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