Studio Lighting Primer - Wichita, KS 071116

Studio Lighting for Photographers

This seminar is an introduction to Photography Studio Lighting Equipment and Techniques. You don9t need any knowledge of studio lighting to attend and benefit from this seminar.

There9s a wealth of knowledge available on studio lighting, everything from photo floods to the most elaborate studio strobes. You can find plenty of information on technical specifications, accessories and techniques, but it9s difficult to get this boiled down into the basic knowledge you need to get started in studio photography.

In this seminar we9ll make an end-run to the information you need to get started as a studio photographer. Because lighting is the most important factor in any photography that9s what we9ll concentrate on, but not just the equipment, the implementation too. We9ll spend a good deal of time discussing the use of various equipment independently and in conjunction with other systems.

You9ll learn ways to use studio lighting in almost any environment and achieve professional looking results.
Studio Lighting Setup

 You9ll come away from this seminar with the confidence to go home or back to your studio and start shooting professional portraiture.

Another critical part of this seminar will be the discussion about equipment budgets. I9ve found that much of the information you find in publications has no regard for your budget. Learning from my experience selling studio lighting, I know first-hand that this is not a realistic way to teach on the subject. Because of this we9ll discuss methods of lighting as they pertain to wide range of budgets too. We9ll talk about ways that you can start on a shoe-string budget and yet, have equipment that you9ll continue to use for years to come. I9ll show you ways to add to your lighting equipment while preserving your current investment.

Digital and Film Camera Users - you will learn how to use studio lighting with your camera. We9ll talk about various systems that work seamlessly with digital and/or film cameras, and ways of adapting to existing systems.



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