Simple Spirituality - Living Lighter

Simple Spirituality lighter.


Find a path that frees your spirit,

inspires and empowers you, and makes sense to you.


Does it need to be complicated to be right, or effective, or satisfying?


FOR SOME, spirituality is a heavy set of rules that puts a lot burdens on one's soul.  And if that approach and perspective work for you, help you, feel good to you, and inspire you, you can stop reading.  You have what you need for now, and this class is not for you.  Enjoy your day.


IF that heavy approach is not working, however, this IS the class for you.


If you seek simplicity, universal principles, a 'lighter living' aproach, this class will provide a timeless toolkit and a process to confidently clarify, find, and choose a spiritiual path that fits YOU.


This is not my telling you WHAT to believe.


Rather, this is my providing you the time-tested TOOLS and a PROCESS to confidently clarify and make YOUR OWN sacred-path-finding solutions.


Your spirit will feel lighter, your head clearer, your heart more confident when this class is done.


I know.  Because I've lived it.  I created this course to help others who are where I was.  The lessons and tools came out of 'watershed experiences' and I've tested them over time....a lot of time.


Your spiritual path, finding meaning and grace in your existence, is the foundation of your wellbeing. 

LIVING Well begins on the PERSONAL side,

your BELIEFS about yourself.

You act, and your body responds,

Out of your beliefs and actions.



Find a path that makes sense to you.  It's important.

I have no vested interest in which path you choose.  YOU do.

That's another reason you'll want this class. 


I can help with that.



Anne Wondra

Life Coach, Muse, spiritual WiseWoman

and Relgious Studies Major


If you want the same thing you've heard before, go to the same places you've gone before.

If you seek something more, fresh perspective, new insights, a lighter and simpler approach, for your intelligent, independent, inclusive, sensitive, compassionate spirit, welcome.


PS  As a SPECIAL BONUS at this summer afternoon retreat session, you will have access to my resource library, the ambiance of the Kindred Spirit Center, each other--and me--for an EXTRA HOUR after class.  This topic is BIG and the tools and the process are incredible, SPIRIT-freeing KEYS.  And you will not get them elsewhere. 


Register now.  Limit 6.

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General Admission Ended $75

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