BulletProof Saturday for Mafia Wars

This coming Saturday, July 18th. Open to all mafia war players. The plan is to have a no hitlist attack truce all day. All hitlisted people are off limit to attack hopefully until they have been on the hitlist for over an hour, let's say 80 minutes to assure that the Bulletproof achievement is actually received. Once that time has elapsed feel free to attack them as usual. This achievement is very hard to get unless you dump a ton of points into defense and health. These points in health in particular in my opinion are a huge waste. Much more usefull to assign those points to defense, attack, energy, and stamina. Other than for this achievement having a large amount of health is unnecessary for gameplay. Pass the word on by sending out invites to this event, also by posting messages on your wall and any mafia war groups that you belong to. I have seen a couple of groups that are trying to counteract this attempt by starting their own event to attack the hitlist on Saturday. They feel that this achievement needs to be "earned" not gotten by cheating or some ploy.  I say screw that, it is a crazy achievement anyway. How is getting it any different from the dumb achievements such as gifting 501 times. Please join this event and get the word out

Name Sales End Price
bullet proof achievement Ended Free
M.W achievement Ended Free
bullet proof Ended Free
mafia wars bullet proof Ended Free
bulletproof Ended Free

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