Campaign Fundraiser

Please Join Arthur and Doreen Dudley

at a Reception in Support of



for Detroit City Council


• Ethics & leadership to the council meeting structure by implementing internationally

recognized management techniques.

• Access to the legislative body through a strategic customer service plan

implemented through council offices.

• Councilmember direct commitment to the community through participation and

support of community organizations.


• The community through monthly, councilmember hosted educational seminars and

fairs rooted in quality of life issues.

• Detroit through new legislation aimed at improved citizen safety, education and

economic development.

• Detroit by engaging local think tanks and researchers to develop and implement an

internal and competitive economic growth plan for a better quality of life.


• The image of Detroit through a vigorous campaign/contest to redefine what Detroit

truly is and represents; as well as a reformatted "Spirit of Detroit" award in which

submissions are required and given annually.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5:30 -7:30 P.M.

At the Offices of

Butzel Long

150 West Jefferson ~ Suite 100

Detroit. MI 48226



(313) 899-4467


Credit Card Donations may be emailed to through


Thank You for your Support

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Suggested Donation Ended $50 $1.25

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