Math Refresher Course: Part 1

One of the prerequisites for the MPP and MURP program is competency in college algebra, including functional notations, algebraic manipulation of polynomials, logs and exponentials, and graphic representation of equations. The math refresher course is designed as a resource to help you refresh your current algebraic competency. This three part course covers the material we expect for the algebraic competency you need before beginning our challenging core statistics and economics courses this fall. Since competency in algebra is a prerequisite to our program, the material on the test will not be covered in your Humphrey classes.

Be sure you have taken the math diagostic test before registering for any part of this course. Pay close attention to the questions you answered incorrectly or that you had difficult answering. Plan to attend the corresponding part(s) of the math refresher course to brush up on your math skills before the semester begins.

If you have any questions about the math refresher course (particularly questions about which parts of the course you should plan to attend), please contact our math refresher course instructor, Matt Henry, at

Part 1 of the math refresher course, which is linked to questions 1-4 and 10-15 on the diagnostic test, will cover the following material:

  • PresentDiagnostic test
  • Solvingfor unknowns in linear equations and inequalities
  • Graphinglinear equations and inequalities
  • Representingsituations and relationships as equations
  • Orderof operations
  • Quadrantsand plotting points
  • Factorsand multiples
  • Fractions
  • Ratiosand proportions
  • Mean,median and mode
  • Percentagesand percentage change
  • Exponentialsand rules of exponents
  • UsingMicrosoft Equation

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