Fighter-Fit Bootcamp - Starting August 3, 2009

Fight for Your Health
Next Session starts August 3rd

Fighter-Fit is a unique strength and cardio conditioning program developed by Ascension Mixed Martial Arts.  A fun alternative to military-style fitness bootcamps, Fighter-Fit incorporates drills and techniques used by professional boxers and ultimate fighters to achieve peak physical fitness.  Experience a new level of intensity and get the fitness results you want!  And, don't worry.  This class is designed to accommodate beginners, so you do not have to be in shape to participate.  That's the point!

No-Nonsense Fitness & Conditioning

Fighter-Fit is a raw, no-nonsense fitness & conditioning program that focuses on practical wellness and core strength. Our unique cross training program incorporates calisthenics, functional core exercises, agility drills, and other mixed martial arts training exercises that will transform your body. Not only do participants in our program lose weight, gain muscle tone, build strength, and increase their cardiovascular health and endurance, but also gain confidence and a renewed sense of self.

Fighter-Fit is committed to keeping its sessions varied and fun, and to building a sense of community and camaraderie amongst participants and instructors that will help keep you motivated to finally meet your fitness and weight loss goals.


Are you up for it? Fighter-Fit is a 30-day, high intensity program aimed to mimic the rigorous pre-fight training of professional fighters. Our proven workouts are used in boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts gyms around the world. Fighter-Fit keeps its fun with new and exciting drills and exercises that work muscles you didn't even know you had! From kicking the heavy bag to flipping tires, this is like nothing you've done before. In addition, Fighter-Fit encourages teamwork and builds a sense of community that helps keep everyone motivated. Combined with our realistic nutrition system, our program will tranform you mentally and physically with results everyone will notice.

* Each 30-day Fighter-Fit Bootcamp consists of 12 group classes and 2 homework assignments
* Each group class lasts 1 hour
*Classes meet from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. on M,W, & F.  

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