Dynamic Armed Encounters



This is a fast paced, interactive advanced skill development course designed for the armed professional. In this program the attendee will receive a practical and functional base of knowledge in the most effective tactics for managing spontaneous, high risk situations. Students will also learn acceptable and legally defendable methods of subject control, use of force, and weapons manipulation. An in depth analysis of tactics, environmental awareness and the understanding of threat cues are specific components of this unique program.. Practical application exercises combined with stimulus/response conditioning principals and the development of a winning mindset. This program is presented in a Delivered in a contemporary and legally defensible format. The student will develop and define reactionary competence through simulated situations and demanding initiative based drills.



This course is limited to current law enforcement officers, private security specialists, and military personnel (all other categories must seek prior approval from the training staff)




  • Developing a winning mindset through positive mental programming
  • Use of force
  • Subject control issues
  • Personal safety issues
  • Body mechanics
  • Striking/Kicking techniques
  • Verbal commands
  • Weapon control and retention
  • Simulated exercises
  • Tactical handcuffing
  • Alternate handcuffing/restraint techniques
  • Team and individual tactics
  • Subject movement and evacuation techniques.
  • Principles of combat shooting
  • Multiple threat analysis and engagement
  • Simulation based training
  • Close proximity/close quarters shooting techniques
  • Unconventional shooting position techniques
  • Managing hostages, non-combatants, and terrorists

Equipment Requirements   recommended



  • Athletic supporter (recommended)
  • Cup (recommended)
  • Mouth piece (recommended)
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Expandable baton (and carrier)
  • Handcuffs (with key and carrier)

Name Sales End Price
Student tuition   Ended $300

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