4TK Gaming Ultimate Commander Doubles Tournament

4TK Gaming Ultimate Commander Doubles Tournament Aug 15th & 16th Colchester, Essex,

Sign up for 4TK Gaming UC Doubles which is now up and running Contact details, Tel:01206756300, Website: www.4tk.co.uk, email:4tkcouk@live.com

There are 16 teams entries, stricky first come first served. To sign up a team you must have a partner and both need to pay £10 each.

Start time is 09:00 on the Saturday, first game is 09:30 - 11:00, 11:15 - 12:45, lunch, 14:00 - 15:30 and 15:45 - 17:15.

Sunday starts at 09:00. First game 09:30 - 11:00, 11:15 - 12:45, 13:00 - 14:30, lunch, 15:30 - 17:00, 17:15 - 18:45. Awards - 19:00ish.

Caht smiled as his bolt pistol roared in his hand, as if some angry animal was being unleashed to visit hell upon his enemies. They were cut down like wheat in a field at harvest time. Picking himself up from his position of cover he and his squad moved forward to secure the drop site. Soon the supplies would be arriving, much needed ammunition and equipment. On the other side more of the enemy appeared. With a snarl he aimed and fired, only to be greeted with the sound a loud click. With a horror he looked at his empty pistol. As the enemy advanced they were destroyed by a flanking force. Caht’s smile returned as he looked up to see his allies moving into the drop site.

Welcome to 4TK’s first double’s tournament!

Set – up;
• A weekend of violent gaming with a gaming partner.
• Using mixed forces to the best of their abilities.
• Saturday is a qualifying round, with half the gamers progressing to the Sunday.
• Bigger games with a knockout on the Sunday.

Things I need;
• A friend, a good friend, someone who you can spend an entire weekend with and play games with, without killing one another.
• A built and painted objective.
• Fully painted 500 point armies each, chosen as per rules below.
• Two copies of your army list, one for your games and one for checking.
• If you qualify for Sunday; 600 & 750 point armies that are fully painted.

Army lists;
• On the Saturday, both gamers take 500 point armies. These armies combine to make one complete army. You can take armies from a different codex, but only if they are allowed to ally (see chart below)
• Each player MUST take at least ONE troop choice each.
• One of the players MUST take a HQ.
• Then the players can then take one elite, fast and heavy choice between them.
• When the players combined have 2+ troops, 1 HQ, and 1 elite, fast and heavy; they may then take a 2nd HQ, elite, fast and heavy choice.
• If the players have 2 HQ, elite, fast and heavy’s, they may only take a 3rd elite, fast and heavy if they have 3 troop choices.
• The players have 500 points each, and cannot ‘loan’ points to their partner.
• For example;

In game playing;
• During the game both armies are treated as separate for the purposes of game rules.
• Armies with any special rules which would benefit the army would work. For example, Sicarius’ re-roll for seize the initiative would be able to be used.
• Armies cannot confer any bonuses they have on to their allies’ in-game. For example an elder farseer wouldn’t be able to cast guide on his space marine allies.
• Any abilities that affect the enemy would benefit both players. For example if the farseer casts doom on an enemy unit, then a space marine ally shooting at that unit would benefit.
• Players cannot use each other transports, even if they are from the same codex. For example two marine players wouldn’t be able to share a landraider for transporting units.
• I am sure that there are some combination’s that would fit into a grey area. If you are thinking of using a particular cross army combination and are not sure if it would be useable, please ask.

Saturday Set – Up
• On the first day the 16 teams will be spilt into 2 groups of 8 teams each.
• Teams will only play games against other teams in their group.
• Each team will be randomly numbered 1 – 8, and play in the following order;
• 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 1v3, 2v4, 5v7, 6v8, lunch, 1v5, 2v7, 3v6, 4v8, 1v7, 2v5, 3v8 and 4v6.
• Four games will be played by everyone in their groups, using the special scenario detailed below.
• There will be 4 tables available for each group, meaning that everyone will be playing at the same time.
• The four teams who earn the most scenario points from each group will then qualify for Sunday.

Scenario – Supply Drop.
Deep in no-mans land lie valuable supply drops. The problem is that near your drop site are drops for other forces. Seeking a truce with a nearby force you both enter into a hostile drop zone, hoping to get your supplies secured by your own troops and if not, by your allies, before the enemy claim them.
All players roll a dice. Add your teams roll together and compare it your opponents. Highest may choose to deploy first and go first, or deploy second and go second. Board size is 4’ by 4’, and deployment type is determined by rolling randomly as per 40k rulebook. After deciding who will be setting up first; the team who is to go first places an objective into their deployment zone. Then their opponents places one inside their deployment zone. Then the first team places an objective in no-mans land, no closer than 12 inches to another objective, then lastly their opponents place an objective into no-mans land, no closer than 12 inches to any other objectives.
Then the first team deploys their army. Their opponents then deploy their army. Roll to see who places any infiltrators first, taking it in turn to place units if there is more than one. Roll for seize the initiative as usual. Deep strike, outflanking and night fighting (for the first turn) are all used.
Objectives are player specific. Each player will have one objective on the board which belongs to them. This means that one of the players will have theirs in their deployment zone, whilst their partner has theirs in no-mans land.
Play game as usual, using random turn length.

When the game ends, use the following victory conditions to determine the winner;
• 1 point for each enemy unit destroyed (as annihilation).
• 2 points for each HQ choice destroyed (as in the HQ character, not any supporting squads, retinues or bodyguards)
• 4 points for holding your own objective with your own troops.
• 3 points for holding your allies objective.
• 6 points for holding an enemies objective.
• 3 points for winning, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for losing.

Note; only troop choices may hold an objective, anything can contest. To hold an objective you must be within 3” of it with no enemy models within 3”.

Due to the high amount of points on offer in each game, it is very possible that you could qualify without winning a game. Remember that half the teams go through 

• The top 4 teams from the two groups qualify for the next stage.
• The top 2 teams from group A will be mixed with 3rd and 4th place from group B and vice versa.
• Then 1200 point games with be played in a round robin in the new two groups, playing everyone once for a total of 3 games.
• Games are played in the following order; 1v2, 3v4, 1v3, 2v4, 1v4 and 2v3.
• There will be 2 tables for each group, meaning everyone will be playing at the same time.
• Missions will be Supply Drop, points earned in the usual way.
• After the round robin, quick break for lunch.
• Then the two top teams from each group will then move into a knockout stage, using 1500 point armies.
• The team that comes top of group A will play 2nd place from group B and vice versa, on 6’ x 4’ boards, using the Supply Drop mission.
• Then the two losers will move into a 3rd place play off and the winners move into the final 

Extra Prizes;
• As with all the ultimate commander tournaments there are prizes on offer!
• Prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams.
• ‘I’m going to tear you a new one’ – The team that scores the highest qualifying score on Saturday.
• ‘Nice paint job’ – the team with the best painted army.
• ‘That’s mine’ – the team with the best modelled objectives.
• ‘Move over old man’ – best performing youth team.

Some answers to some common questions.

1. Only Codex items allowed. If forgeworld have made a model for it then you can use it.

2. Armies can be supplied from 1 person as long as it is clear which sections of the armies belong to whom. Also make sure your opponents are aware.

3. Painting will be judged as two seperate armies. If it is the same paint scheme there is still only 1 winner so we will pick the indivdual who actually painted it.

4. There is a pub accross the road and a few drinks after will be good.Soft drinks & snacks in store


Name Sales End Price Fee
4TK Gaming Ultimate Commander Doubles Tournament Ended £10 £0.5

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