CoSM Volunteer Weekend

Hello Good People,


The volunteer weekend at CoSM was an amazing success.


We had a small crew but a lot got done.


We seemed to energetically feed and propel each other.  We had a great guest cook that kept our bellies full.


...The property has seven buildings, decades of storage had been accumulated into the furthest depths of the structures... The crew completed the Tetris, taking everything out and reconfiguring all the useful material back in the cleaned and cleared space...


It felt like an enema was delivered and now the remodeling is free of obstructions...


Another crew worked on the "Wisdom Path."  A vision that Alex and Allyson have of the property.  A path that circumvents the 40 acres with spots to have teachings or to sit and commune with Nature and have her wisdom flow through...


A concrete staircase and a pool had been discovered in the midst of the over grown forest.  The crew cleaned both out and began setting the paths... It seems that the forest was taken off and their are many old growth trees that create a cathedral like canopy... areas under this canopy were also cleared and now their is an alternate path from the office to Meadow...


We are planning on having these weekends every two weeks or so...


The next one is for the Weekend of July 10-12th...


It seems that the CoSM doors will open on the full moon in early August...


Much needs to get done before that, if you would like to help in the bloosoming of this cacoon, please contact me or Poppy at


Peace, here is to a great summer





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