Social Media Marketing 101

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(Tuition will increase in September.)

In this information-packed, two-hour seminar, you will:

  • Find out ways to market your business through Linkedin, Twitter, FACEBOOK,  and other social media sites.
  • See how you can get a competitive edge in your market by adopting emerging technology, while your competitors procrastinate.
  • Hear how social media campaigns are being executed and how you can create similar results.
  • Discover how to develop a social media marketing plan.  (Learn from practical wisdom on what works and doesn't work.)
  • Gain insights on how to attract and develop a loyal social media following. (It is like having a professional sales team without carrying them on your payroll!)
  • Discover useful techniques that will help you navigate through overwhelming choices.
  • Learn how to "work smart" with social media, so you save time and maximize results.

Enroll by 7/15/09 and receive a
of your company's website, including 8 reports:

  1. Summary report
  2. Visibility report
  3. Engine report
  4. Listings report
  5. Detail report
  6. Alert report
  7. Competitive report
  8. URL/Keyword report
Additional Bonus: FREE 60-day trial with Constant Contact

In the first 15 minutes of the seminar, we'll save you 100's of hours in research:

We'll give you the terminology you need to know to get started WITHOUT FEELING OVERWHELMED.

We'll explain definitions to you in layman's terms, so you can move forward WITHOUT FEELING LIKE YOU WILL BE LEFT BEHIND.

We'll give you:
  • the top 418 article directories
  • the top 200 Social Bookmarking directories
  • the top 143 Blog directories
  • the top 25 Podcast directories
  • the top 5 Information sharing directories
  • the top 95 website directories
  • the top 55 Press release directories
  • the top 52 Video directories
  • the top 79 RSS Feed directories
In this seminar, you will learn how Social Media can: 
  • Gain exposure for your business
  • Generate more qualified leads for your business
  • Decrease your overall marketing expense
  • Improve your search-engine rankings
  • Increase your website traffic
BONUS just for showing up - We'll also reveal to you:
  • The top ten business apps for the iPhone
  • The top free business apps for Google
  • The top free business apps for FACEBOOK
  • The top ways to use Twitter in your business 
  • How to control all your key Social Media channels from one central location
  • How to harness the viral energy of Twitter
  • Create a command center to automate all your Twitter communication
Find out why Content is king on the Internet

We'll show you how to master the art of submission to:
  • Article directories
  • Blog directories
  • Podcast directories
  • Social Bookmarking sites
  • Video directories
  • Document sharing directories
  • RSS Feed directories

Who should attend:
  • Small-business owners
  • Senior executives
  • Managers
  • Front-line marketers
Job Functions in:
  • Direct Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Web Content & Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • IT

We'll guide you through the steps of creating a podcast and how to submit it to iTunes' 60 Million subscribers
  • We'll introduce you to Measurement & Metrics
  • Understanding what can be measured and what cannot
  • Learn how to set up Feedburner
  • Learn how to set up Google Analytics

You'll hear how to:

  • Build web pages that get high PR rankings
  • Create Linkbacks to your site
  • Analyze why your competitor's websites rank higher than yours
  • Dominate local search
  • Find niche keyword searches that can gain prominence on your website rankings
Enroll by 7/15/09 and receive a
of your company's website, including 8 reports:
  1. Summary report     
  2. Visibility report
  3. Engine report
  4. Listings report
  5. Detail report
  6. Alert report
  7. Competitive report
  8. URL/Keyword report

Arthur Head shot  Arthur Schwartz
About the Presenter

Jump-start and accelerate your success by tapping into Arthur Schwartz's 30 years of expertise in marketing, sales, technology, and training. Arthur translates today's overwhelming world of technology into actions you can take to reach your business and career goals.  Arthur can see your particular needs from his multi-faceted perspective as a manager at small start-ups to $1 billion dollar companies, a trainer for over 20,000 people, an online systems consultant, and a passionate social media aficionado.


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Chamber Member   Ended $29
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