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Managing My Life: Managing My Money


A Workbook to Help You Increase Your Financial Knowledge

and Work Better With Your Financial Professionals




Written by Steven S. Shagrin, JD, CFP®, CRPC®, CRC®, CELP, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Certified Retirement Counselor and Certified Enhanced Lifestyle Planner with over 25 years of experience in retirement planning. A past president of the International Society for Retirement & Life Planning, he also served on the national board of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (2000-2006). "Shags" -- as he is commonly known -- is president of Planning For Life, a financial wellness, life planning and retirement education company.





The Author's Musings


I’ve always wanted to put my thoughts about managing money into writing, and creating this workbook has given me that opportunity. While I’ve been a contributing author to several books and local newspapers for many, many years, I never followed through on my desire to put together a practial and educational workbook...until now. Many of my quips and witticisms come from the stories and writings of others whose work I’ve read, only to not recall exactly from whence they came. So, my fellow planners, authors, and teachers – if I’ve taken your words and worked them into this program as my own, please forgive my trespasses and know that you are entitled to the fullest acknowledgement of contribution!

I’ve tried to combine knowledge and wisdom with practicality in this effort. Knowledge comes from observing, learning, and assimilating actions and information. Wisdom comes from an application of knowledge and trying different things – some of which work out to a favorable conclusion and some of which don’t. And practicality comes from the lessons we learn from the unfavorable conclusions of these applications by ourselves and by others, which we observe, learn, and assimilate. And thus, the cycle continues with the desired outcome of feeling more in control of the management of our money life as a result.


This isn’t meant to be the “ultimate answer program” but rather a starting point – there are many other good books out there with much more detail, as well as many websites (with more coming online, no doubt) which provide more information than we can possibly squeeze into this program. However, it’s designed to help you Manage Your Life by realizing that by Managing Your Money, you can live a life of greater harmony.


May this program serve you well, and with the words within being taken to heart, as well as the many other books, tools and techniques to which I refer within, may you gain a sense of satisfaction as you Manage Your Life and Manage Your Money.



Program Outline


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Sources of Income

Chapter 3: Ideas for Saving and Budgeting

Chapter 4: Tips for Saving and Investing

Chapter 5: Tax Planning Ideas

Chapter 6: Review of and Understanding Your Insurance Needs

Chapter 7: Estate Planning

Chapter 8: Selecting, Interviewing and Working with a Financial Advisor

Chapter 9: Useful Resources and Websites

119 Pages / 11 Exercises

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