Training: Open Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, Collaboration IQ

14th July: Open Innovation: A mini (re)boot camp to rapidly develop the mindsets and tools needed to engage in the exciting and challenging world of open innovation.

15th July: Collaboration IQ: How to foster the collaborative mindsets that are needed to solve the most pressing issues of the day - without wasting time, energy and resources.

17th July: Disruptive Innovation: Find the next iPod for your sector using the power of systems thinking and much much more.

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With our 1-Day Intensive Open Trainings be ready for training unlike any other;

Immersive and experiential Film clips, music, games, challenges and more to help participants experience insights for themselves

Intense and catalytic We generate major results quickly by distilling everything down to key nuggets and getting rid of the fluff 

Peer-to-peer exercises Nurturing collaboration, confidence and self-reliance every step of the way, rather than building a reliance on ?the experts? 

Values-based thinking Cultivating a sense of shared purpose, responsibility and ethics within teams and groups 

Scientific research Embedding change and learning using the very best, and latest, research on leadership, collaboration, innovation and the mind 

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Connect. Create. Collaborate.

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3 sessions of training- SPECIAL DISCOUNT £695 £4.95

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