Level 1 Pole Dancing Class (4 week session)

What: The four-week Level 1 pole dancing course meets once a week for an hour. This class is a beginner level course that teaches basic pole transitions, floorwork, and spins. Each week after the warmup and strength training you will learn transition moves, filler and non weight-bearing moves, with a portion of the class dedicated to learning tricks or spins, followed by a sexy cool down.

When: Tuesday nights 6:30 - 7:30pm June 9th - 30th

Where: Pink Fitness - 9822 W Peoria Ave in Peoria (1/2 mile west of 101 at 99th Ave/Peoria Ave)

Cost: $100 for the entire 4 weeks

How to Register: Visit www.PinkFitnessStudio.com