Oxford Academy Boosters Inc.

Volunteer Guidelines

A. General Guidelines

  1. All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and may not be a current student at Oxford Academy.
  2. Volunteers must notify the shift Manager or Seller's co-ordinator anytime they leave the premises for any period of time.
  3. Volunteers must wear a visible name tag at all times.
  4. Hours worked are tracked by student, activity, sport, or academic department that will be receiving the donation.
  5. Donations to the accounts are paid monthly approximately two weeks after the end of the month worked. Hours worked in June will not be paid until early August.
  6. Donations into ASB student accounts are NOT retractable and NOT transferable. If the student does not use all of the money in his/her account when they leave Oxford Academy, the money will revert to the ASB general fund.

B. Groups – Matching Program

      OA Booster will match amounts earned for OA groups under the following conditions:

  1. The group must be a recognized student activity, sport or academic department of Oxford Academy.
  2. The required 30 volunteer hours must be worked all on the same night.
  3. For every 30 hours worked, OA Boosters will donate $500 to the group.
  4. Any time worked over 30 hours will be dropped.
  5. There are two shifts: 4:15-7:15 and 7:00-10:00. Each group must provide their own set of volunteers to cover these shifts (minimum of 5 volunteers per shift).
  6. Groups may not ask regularly assigned volunteers to donate their hours unless they are on the group's volunteer list. Sellers are needed on the floor.
  7. No more than three separate group nights may be scheduled per month.
  8. The following procedures must be followed when requesting Group Nights:
    • Group sign-ups for the following school year may be submitted for approval no earlier than June 1st and will be awarded on a first-come first-serve basis.
    • The group night/s must be pre-scheduled with and approved by the OA Booster. Email group night requests to: oaparentvolunteers@gmail.com.
    • No more than one day per month can be scheduled for any one group.
    • No more than four separate group nights per academic year - September through June, may be requested by any one group.
    • If available nights have been offered to all groups, but have not been claimed, then those extra nights will be offered to groups requesting more.
    • Each group will provide their own set of volunteers and must submit a list of the names and shifts, the week prior to the scheduled date. This list will be posted at the sign-in area.
    • Groups must designate one of their volunteers as shift coordinator. It is the coordinator's responsibility to ensure that group volunteers show up for their assigned shifts.

C. Individual Volunteers

      1. Individual Student Accounts

  • An individual who accumulates six hours will receive a contribution of $50 to a student’s ASB or group account.
  • A maximum of $150 (18 hours) per month may be credited to a student’s account regardless of how many people work on behalf of the student.
  • Leftover time in excess of 18 hours per month per student will be dropped.
  • Individuals can only sign-up/work one shift (three hours) per night per student. Sign-ups may be done through www.oxfordbingo.eventbrite.com or through the link on the Oxford Academy website.
  • Volunteer callers may earn $100 for every six hours worked.

      2. School Organizations

  • An individual who accumulates six hours will be able to direct a contribution of $50 to a recognized sport, activity, or academic department of Oxford Academy.
  • Hours are tracked by sport, activity, or academic department, not by volunteer. The hours of multiple individual volunteers will be combined when tallying the group hours.
  • There is no limit to the number of hours that can be worked for a school organization.
  • Volunteers must sign up online.

D. Allowable Expenditures for Bingo Credits

     1. Alllowable Expenditures through ASB

  • Registration
  • Agenda
  • AP Packet expense
  • AP Test Fees
  • ASB Card for Student Discounts
  • ASB Class Events
  • Class Shirts
  • ASB Events (Dances, Activity Nights, Sporting Events, etc.)
  • School Clubs/Events/Shirts
  • School Field Trips
  • Lock for Book Locker
  • PE Clothes
  • PE Lock for PE Locker
  • PSAT Tests/Practice Test
  • Senior Ads in Yearbook
  • Sports Spirit Packs
  • Yearbook 
  • Instrumental Music - OAIMBA
        2. Other Allowable Expenditures
  • AUHSD Bus Transportation               Student Name - Transportation
  • Sports Transportation                          Student Name - Athletic Transportation
  • Choir                                                       Student Name - Choir or Vocal Motion
  • Meal Accounts                                     Student Name - Lunch Account
  • Senior Grad Night                                 Student Name - Grad Night
  • Art Supplies                                          Student Name - Art or Mrs. Handson
Donations can be made to a specific sport, class, Department, or Club by noting the appropriate group instead of your student's name.  Funds are non-transferable once they have been designated, however, you can work for another student by indicating their name on the sign-in sheet.  Students may only receive 18 hours of Bingo Credit ($150) per month.

E. Board Members

  1. Board members and other volunteers may spend time on behalf of the organization outside the normal bingo nights. Only the hours worked the evening of the regularly scheduled bingo night can be applied to a student, group, sport or academic department’s account.
  2. The majority of board members (greater than 50%) must have students currently enrolled at Oxford Academy.

F. Volunteer Assignments

  1. Anyone interested in volunteering can sign up by going to Oxford Academy’s home page and clicking on the bingo sign-up link.
  2. Volunteers assigned a regular position as noted below do not need to sign up online but are expected to show up every Wednesday or make arrangements with a back-up volunteer.
  3. Experienced volunteers may be assigned regular positions as follows:
    • Shift Manager (one volunteer) - three hours for each shift
    • Pay out clerk (one volunteer) - three hours for each shift
    • Event table #1 (two volunteers) - three hours for each shift
    • Back office (one volunteer) - six hours
    • Buy-in counter (two volunteers) - three hours each
    • Paper games (one volunteer) - three hours for each shift 
    • Early verifier (one volunteer) - two hours
    • Late verifier (one volunteer) - three hours

      4.  All other volunteers must use the online sign-up website to schedule the shifts they want to work.


G. Contact Numbers

  • Oxford Boosters co-President and Eventbrite coordinator:    Kuntesh Patel    oaparentvolunteers@gmail.com
  • Oxford Boosters co-President:                                                Joy Miyoshi        miyodhijoy@gmail.com

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