The Diversa Bee

Are you an interracial dater? 

Tired of wondering who else is? 

Come and join us for the speed dating party with a spelling bee twist.

The Diversa-Bee is a different kind of dating ice-breaker. 

Contestants are paired up just like they are during a regular speed dating event but we’ve changed what’s being chat about…drastically.  We’re putting people back to school. 

Here’s a little about the game.  Our new era spelling bee is broken up into three rounds.  

The Romance Round

In this the first round every contestant gets their face-to-face “spelling” date.  You have a few moments to introduce yourselves and get down to spelling the words selected for you. While you move into the new date pairs, your partner keeps score for you.  As the males move, the role of speller and proctor is switched.  At the end of this round, if you’ve spell all of your words CORRECTLY you move to the next.  

                          The Lightening Round                     

The words in this round are significantly more difficult.  Many of the contestants have been eliminated from the event by the Lightening Round a great time to get for casual conversation if spelling was never your thing. 

Sudden Death – The Grim Reaper Round

The last round is Sudden Death in which the best spellers hone their skills only one person is left standing.  

The age for contestants is 25 to 40.

This event is interracially mixed. 

August 24 at Onyx Lounge at 7:30pm

Phone – 212.533.9595/Fax 212.533.7374Nearest subway – F, V train to Broadway and Houston

When exiting the train walk several blocks west to Sullivan Street.

168 Sullivan StreetCorner of West Houston 

Event Price - $20 

Our Upcoming Events Are:

August 27th “Meet The Ladies – A speed dating party for African American women and their admirers.

September 10 -- Our May/December Soriees – Older Men /Younger Women

September 17th - Our May/December Soriees – Older Women/Younger Men

September 28th – The Mutlimixxer – Our Official Launch Party – All races/All Ages of interracial daters

Multimixx Music Mixes – Interracial speed dating parties for musicfanatics – Starts in October

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The Diversa Bee - An Interracial Singles Event

The Diversa Bee Are you an interracial dater? Tired of wondering who else is? Come and join us for the speed dating party with a spelling bee twist.

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