Supplemental Agent Training: Completing HUD Transactions in Conjunction with the DCA's $14,000 Down Payment Assistance Georgia Dream/NSP Program

Attention Agents! Good News!!! 

HUD Homes can be purchased in conjunction with the new DCA Georgia Dream Neighborhood Stabilization Program that provides homebuyers with $14,000 in Down Payment Assistance and/or repairs on eligible properties.

This class is designed to teach agents how to effectively work with PEMCO and complete a HUD Home Sale when your buyer will be purchasing a HUD Home in conjunction with this exciting new program.



PEMCO is pleased to now be offering this new agent sales training course! Sign up today!


Cost Free
CE Credit None
Audience Real Estate Agents
Prerequisite Agents must have previously taken PEMCO’s “Successfully Selling HUD Homes in Georgia” Sales Training course before attending this class.

This class will teach agents how to work with PEMCO to complete a HUD transaction when using the DCA’s new Georgia Dream Neighborhood Stabilization Program for their buyers. 

We believe HUD Homes will be one of the easiest properties to purchase with this exciting new program, and wish to make related training available to all agents!

This course will cover:

  • Overview of the DCA's program
  • Program requirements 
  • PEMCO's procedures for agents (to meet program requirements)
  • Why HUD Homes will be one of the easiest property types to purchase with this program
  • PEMCO's recommended sales approaches and bidding procedures when purchasing in conjunction with this program
  • Utilizing HUD's Homeownership Incentives and Federal/State Tax Credits with HUD Sales and the DCA Program

This dynamic class will provide valuable information to agents who wish to utilize the DCA's program on HUD Home Transactions!






























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