Nerds and Wonks in NW

Twitter Hashtag: #nwnw

Who is Invited:

  • Health 2.0 folks
  • Gov 2.0 folks
  • User Experience folks
  • Open Source/Drupal folks
  • and last but definitely not least, (e)patients/consumers (a.k.a. people)


Maybe the better question is why not?


  • health care reform / HIT
  • ARRA / stimulus funding
  • how do we develop a common language for a common purpose?
  • what does "meaninful use" mean to the VIPs (patients/people)?
  • how can we all work together to make HIT work?
  • etc.

Time: May 27, 6-8:30pm

Location: Vapiano

1800 M St NW # 6
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 640-1868

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