Changing Habits and Behaviour - One Day Training Course

This one day training course is for professionals working with clients and service users who wish to change negative behaviour or habits.


The course has been designed for people who work with clients or service users who wish to change their negative patterns of behaviour and replace them with positive states.


The course is suitable for:

Ø     counsellors

Ø     support workers

Ø     guidance workers

Ø     mentors

Ø     coaches

Ø     health workers


others working on personal development with clients

The training will impart successful techniques to overcome negative behaviour or habits and will include ;

·        working with the unconscious mind

·        limiting beliefs

·        reframing

·        perceptual positions

The cost £97 which includes lunch and refreshments

Venue Manchester Carers Centre, Beswick House, Beswick Row, Manchester, M4 4PR

Date Monday, 18thMay , 2009

The trainer Bob Towers has over 25 years experience in the public & voluntary sector as a manager, an advice worker, a trainer and a performance coach. He is a freelance trainer, consultant and a certified NLP Master Practitioner, New Code Practitioner and a Certified Ericksonian Hypnotist.


Name Sales End Price Fee
Delegate Ended £97 £2.43

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