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When it comes to real life sometimes the little things can get in the way or just aren't cooperating the way we want them to! Building Synergy in your life is about understanding the interrelation of both big and little events, ideas, information, behavior as well as undertanding the root challenges and roadblocks.. It's also about utilizing your skills not just in unison but in compliment to accomplish what you might have never thought possible.

In this ongoing group we'll take the direct approach with life and use specific activities occuring for you today as a focus for synergy building. Whether you're working on a project, building your business skills, focusing on personal growth or just looking to understand yourself better there is synergy to be engaged.

In this introductory session we'll meet to discuss the concept of synergy, investigate how it is engaged or disengaged in your lives and discuss some approaches to building this skill as well as practicing bringing it into your life. This group is designed for anyone ready to build stronger, more effective strategies for success and advance their goals to new levels!

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