"The Elements of Tree Health"

A presentation by Dr. Kim Coder, Professor, Community Forestry and Tree Health, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of GA 

Location: Stuckey Auditorium, UGA-Griffin campus

1109 Experiment Station, Griffin, GA  30223


This is an awareness building presentation on the essential elements needed for healthy trees.  The focus is on health -- not growth -- and the concepts of essentiality.  As vitamins and minerals are required by people, a number of elements are required by trees in micro amounts.

$20, members, $30 non-members.  CEUs will be available.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Member Ended $19.01 $0.99
Non-Member Ended $29.01 $0.99

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September 24 The Elements of Tree Health: Getting Beyond NPK. Griffin. For more information, call 800-994-4832.


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