What is Imagery?

Imagery is the world9s most ancient form of medicine; it is the source for every creative idea and the basis of healing ceremonies since the beginning of time.  Now, with substantial clinical and research evidence supporting the use of imagery, practitioners from around the globe are utilizing it in a broad range of treatment settings for various physical, emotional, and spiritual crises.


(Requirement: Must have completed Level I)

This session will continue the exploration of the healing power of imagery for health and wellness and the focus will be on self-renewal.  This can result from crises, separations, and challenges to familiar ways of being in the world.  Often it takes place during the second half of life. The time can mask as depression, addiction, or quite simply, the knowing that changes in our lives will be required.  This time will be presented as a rite of passage, and participants will be led through a three-day process for engaging in the authentic self; including awaking, discovery, healing, and creativity.  With this and the next Level, participants will be provided with a structure for beginning to work with imagery with others and they may communicate with Dr. Achterberg on issues that they are addressing. Dr. Achterberg9s book Imagery and Healing:  Shamanism and Modernism will be helpful reading for this and all Levels.

Who Should Consider Attending?

The training is designed for health care professionals such as physicians, nurses, counselors, pastors and spiritual directors who are interested in the mind/body relationship, massage therapists, and other practitioners of alternative or integrated forms of treatment.  Health consumers who are actively and responsibly engaged in their own healing and who have some familiarity with the concepts will also benefit from the seminar. (Requirement: Must have completed Level I)

Advanced Training

Dr. Achterberg will teach two more advanced seminars (November 3-5 and in January next year) and provide practical supervision, leading to a Certification in Imagery Therapy.  This Seminar is a pre-requisite for the subsequent training sessions.

About Jeanne Achterberg

Time magazine featured her as one of the six innovators of alternative and complementary medicine for this new century. "Achterberg has become a force in the world of mind-body medicine. She has earned a place in history of both conventional and complementary medicine."

She has been teaching the Imagery Introductory and Advanced series for over 30 years for institutions such as Beth Israel Hospital in New York City, and California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She is often referred to as one of the pioneers of the world in the Imagery field. She has authored hundreds of papers and five books. Imagery in Healing is critically acclaimed as a classic in the field of mind/body studies, and Woman as Healer is described as a ground breaking work, surveying the activities of women from prehistoric times to the present.  Rituals of Healing is a primer on the use of creative therapies for health and medicine, and won the Book of the Year Award from the American Nursing Association. Her latest book, Lightning at the Gate, has been given excellent reviews, including Rachel Remen9s comments, that "to read this beautiful, breathtakingly honest book is to remember the strength you never knew you had."

Dr. Achterberg is the Director of Research with North Hawaii Community Hospital with the responsibility to study prayer and healing and to develop an innovative cancer After-Care program.  She has just published her landmark research on distant healing and healers using the FMRI.  Her work on the Big Island is supported by the Bakken Foundation

Lew Whitney and Karin Whitney Cooke will host this event at their farm in Hawi, the Kokolulu Farm and Wellness Center.  They have worked with Jeanne for several years (Karin serves as the Research Coordinator working with Jeanne in the prayer and healing study at North Hawaii Community Hospital). Lew and Karin invite individuals and couples for personal wellness retreats at their peaceful island home,




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