Power Yoga Teacher Training - August 2009

Power Yoga Teacher Training

Most yoga is still taught based on traditions that are perfect for what they where designed for... people living in a different time and place. Often enough what is not being considered is the North American way of life.  The MindBodyWarrior Method is designed for the general population in mind, which is coming into the classroom with very little body awareness or experience with the movements of their body.   All aspects of the yoga practice are presented with a North American mindset so that it is accessible to all in both the physical practice and it’s benefits towards everyday life. The Context in which a yoga class or teaching is presented will make all the difference in the world on whether or not the audience benefits from it or even gets it at all.
The MindBodyWarrior method takes away old ritual and superstition that doesn’t really have it’s place anymore,  focusing on delivering all the ancient wisdom that was laid out by Patanjali over 5000 years ago, in a modern, up to date, practical and also scientific point of view.


When you are coming from a place of true Power, there is nothing you cannot get through.  Nothing can bring you down…  Force is self-defeating. For every force exerted, there is an equal and opposite counter Force.  When you’re coming from a place of force in you practice or in your everyday life, you are bounded to run out of steam because of the counter force.
When you come from a place of True Power… Where Mind, Body, and Breath are working together rather then struggling against each other.  Where Intention, Attention and Action align to create the reality that is your True Potential, there is nothing you cannot overcome.

Join Innovative Yoga instructor Mark Laham as he takes you through a jump-starting inspirational 40 hour intensive and take your teaching, your practice and your Power to the next level.   Prepare to challenge yourself mentally, physically and spiritually…

This 40-Hour Includes:

  • In-depth knowledge of key poses taught in MindBodyWarrior Power Classes, including: anatomy, alignment, modifications, prop use and more.
  • Fine-tuning your practice to gain a deeper connection with your body so that you can better understand your students’ bodies.
  • Learn to create on the spot sun salutations sequences that incorporate full mind and body challenges.
  • Special section on levels of consciousness and Power vs. Force.
  • Special Guest Expert for the anatomy section.  – The experts are always chosen for their experience, intentions and passion for what they do.
  • Examining Connective tissue through special rare video as we examine the new model of the body.
  • Learn how to create and teach inspirational classes with innovative sequencing that can challenge all levels of practice in one class.
  • Learn how to handle your class as both a teacher, and as a spiritually minded businessperson. .ie Knowing your audience, Creating an inviting atmosphere, Getting them to come back, etc.
  • Practicum - The opportunity to practice in groups and to present as a teacher as well as additional classes that they will have to set up.
  • MindBodyWarrior Power Yoga Teachers Manual.

Location: Rama Lotus Yoga Centre 340 Gladstone Ave. ottawa on

Date: August 3rd to 7th

Time: 8am to 5 pm everyday

Price: 750 + tax

699$ + tax before July 13th

To register Call 613-234-7974


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