SEDONA Transformational Journey!

Sedona Transformational Journey



June 6 - 8, 2009


RED Rocks, Nature Hikes, Explore, PLAY! Enjoy the Vortex, Stars, Wonder!

Join us for a positive life-changing experience in Sedona, AZ!!

Working with the vortex energy and guided exercises, you will be assisted in releasing issues that can hold you back from achieving your desires, moving forward, and to find clarity in your next steps. You will experience healing on many levels, new insights, heightened awareness, personal guidance, frequency upgrades, and much more! You are sure to have a fun and rejuvenating experience each day - each day different and great in its own way!

  • Connect with your angels and guides for personal messages

  • Drumming and trance work to receive visionary messages and Past Life Regression

  • Work with your Ancient Native American Guides for personal deep healings and strengthen your intuition

  • Frequency upgrades working at deep cellular levels

  • Learn about Star Gazing, channeling, skyway dimensions and star gates

  • Connect with nature

  • Remember who you are while cutting loose, playing, and bonding with others in a nurturing, fun, like-minded people
    and more...

*  Note:  We are looking into doing a Jeep Tour of the Ancient Ruins or similar in Sedona.  If they can accommodate our group, please note that the cost of this trip while increase by approximately $72 (+ tip) to cover the tour cost.  *

Our journey will consist of visiting several vortex areas clear and upgrade our energy, receive divine guidance, and other group activities.  The night of our last journey day we will go out for an evening of star gazing, star communication through channeling, sensing energies around us, and learn about other topics such of seeing the skyway dimensions and star gates.  This is for those of you who are seeking fun, exploration, and a deep connection with nature and star energy.   This experience is sure to be life-transforming and full of fun!   In only 3 short days, you given the opportunity to shift out issues that could normally take a year or two to move out of your space.  Yes!  This is a common occurrence when attending this positive life-changing transformational journeys!

Here are links to photos from 2 past Sedona Journey's:

If you feel guided, please reserve your space ASAP!!



* additional fee required if room for our group on a Jeep Tour


Early Bird Rate:  $333 if paid by December 1, 2008

Discount Rate:  $355 if paid by February 1, 2009  

Regular Rate:  $388 if paid after February 2, 2009 and before May 7th

Late Registration Rate:  $399 if paid May 8th or after (please confirm there are still spaces available)

Pay by check or credit card (3.5% credit card use fee applies)

 All sales final.


Cindy Eyler

P.O. Box 822

San Leandro, CA 94577

Credit Card:  use email address: (3.5% credit card use fee applies)

Returning Sedona Journey-ers (hehe...) you pay only $299 (3.5% credit card use fee applies)

We will be staying at: The Sky Ranch Lodge:


(510) 633-9411

A few photos from previous trips...

At the top of Airport Mesa Vortex, Sedona, AZ

Playing... Oak Creek                                                          Jeep Tour Fun and Exploration

Base of Bell Rock.. check out the gridline being beamed down to me from the top of Bell Rock...

this is where we connect with our Star Beings!! Love IT!!!



Contact Information:

(510) 633-9411


Cindy Eyler

P.O. Box 822

San Leandro, CA  94577




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SEDONA Transformational Journey   Ended $398 $9.95