Allow Now - But How?



Allow Now – But How?



Have You Seen ‘The Secret’, and You’re Stuck?


Read or Studied the Law of Attraction, and Don’t See Any Real Progress?


Have you been Asking, but don’t know how to Receive or Allow?

Tired of Hearing “Just Allow It”?


Well - You Asked for Answers, and I Heard You!


Come to a FREE discussion workshop


We’ll discuss the #1 reason why you don’t know How to Allow, and give you Tools to help you Start Allowing.


Information + Tools + Workshop to show you how to use those Tools!


Bring Pen and Paper for Note taking!



Join us Saturday, April 25th from 2p – 3p


Hosted by Annette Pedersen

in partnership with Intentional Achievements


I am motivated to create the world I want by

showing you ways to do it with this workshop.



Glendale Main Library

Large Meeting Room

5959 W Brown

Glendale, AZ 85302

(59th Ave & Brown)


Saturday April 25th, 2009

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