Fighting the Evil Do'ers

3 Horror Stories and a Workshop on How To Be Victorious in the Battle To Protect Your ACT! Database and Your Network1. The FBI staging a blitzkrieg, arresting a top employee and confiscating your network server and all your computers. After you recover from the initial shock, your lawyer ultimately rescues your computers...but without any hard drives 2. Your CRM database is crawling at a snail's pace and the phones are ringing off the hook with irate customers who can't reach you by phone (you just switched to VOIP). Their emails are bouncing back as "delivery unsuccessful." Upon investigating you discover it's the final game of the World Cup or World Series (one of those "Worlds") and every employee is connected to watching live streaming video on their PCs. Your bandwith is shot. And it's only the 1st quarter (inning, whatever). 3. Sally and Simon, your best sales reps (who can't stand each other) are beating a path to your door. "He changed my client to his Record Manager name in ACT!" "Did not!" "Did too." "Well, she made a sale to one of my old clients when I was on my golf junket." "Did not!" "Did too." The organizational psychologist stopped returning your phone calls weeks ago, and the company banned tee-martooni what do you do? Think these scenarios could never happen to you? Wrong! Each one is TRUE, and our guest presenters this month have even more stories from the trenches to sober you up and and get you taking preventive action before it's too late. Yes, we know it's summer, and you'd rather be bar-b-quing on the deck, listening to that free starlight concert or going to the new ballpark to NOT get a ticket, but think of it like this: By sacrificing a mere 2 hours now, you will be the turtle that wins the race against your hare competitors the next time the Mississippi, the Internet finally implodes or a disgruntled employee deep-sixes your database. We promise you fun with a few suprises, but you must be there! Register now at

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