Wired Community @ Collingwood - Word Essentials Part 2 - 1:00pm 30 April 2009

Word Essentials

Learning Outcomes: At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

·        Open MS Word

·        Create a new document

·        Make changes to text – delete, backspace, selecting text

·        Apply basic formatting to text – font, size, formats

·        Apply basic formatting to paragraphs – spacing, margins

·        Save a document to a variety of locations

·        Allocate and change file names

·        Spell and grammar check a document

·        Preview and print a document


Target Audience: This session is targeted at people who wish to learn the basics of MS Word.


Prerequisites:     Students should have basic PC skills, including ability to use a mouse. Those without these basic skills should attend a PC Essentials session.

Name Sales End Price
Lead Trainer Ended Free
Volunteer training assistant Ended Free

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