Tikkun Olam

Dear Parents:

On April 26, the 5th grade students will be meeting at:

Family House

3269 N. 11st Street

10:00 am until 12 noon


for a lesson in Tikkun Olam in practice.  They will have the opportunity to meet Mrs. Cordelia Taylor and some members of her family who have won many national awards and appeared on Oprah and many other nation-wide television programs. 


This family, and especially Mrs. Taylor, are incredible mentchen and I encourage you to join us, as well.  I am hoping to have our students provide a service to Family House, such as raking or pulling weeds as well, but I will get back to you on that.  Consult the websites below for more information about this amazing family. 

Please contact me if you need help arranging carpooling to this event.

Nadine Siegman

Impact Awards 2007 Honorees

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