Was Islam good for the Jews: Muslim-Jewish encounters from Fez to Baghdad


5th Annual Community Lecture Series


Was Islam good for the Jews: Muslim-Jewish encounters from Fez to Baghdad

Daniel Schroeter


May 19, 2009 7:00 p.m.

Adath Jeshurun Congregation

10500 Hillside Lane W

Minnetonka, MN



Conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries make it easy to forget the many centuries that Jews and Muslims shared common histories, spoke the same languages and interacted daily.  This rich experience of coexistence and conflict has been the backdrop for debating the question:  was Islam good or bad for the Jews? Daniel Schroeter will address this question while also exploring the many ways in which Jews and Judaism were shaped by the encounter with Muslims, from the rise of Islam in the 7th century to the present.


Daniel J. Schroeter is the Amos S. Deinard Memorial Chair in Modern Jewish History in the University of Minnesota history department, where he is also a core member of the Center for Jewish Studies. An expert on the Jews of Morocco and the Mediterranean, he is author of The Sultan’s Jew: Morocco and the Sephardi World and an editor of the forthcoming Encyclopedia of the Jews in the Islamic World.



This Event is Free & Open to the Public


Sponsoring Partners: Sharei Chesed Congregation, Temple Israel, Jay Phillips Center for Jewish-Christian Learning, Shir Tikvah Congregation, Adath Jeshurun Congregation


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