Google Sites: Build and Update Affordable Websites Quickly & Easily

Build and Update Websites Quickly, Easily and Affordably with Google

Sites - A Do-It-Today Workshop :

Why Google Sites is Good for You and Your Business
Google Sites is an innovative website-building tool, featuring ease, speed, and customization. You will be amazed at how quickly you can build a website for your company intranet or for sharing with the world by posting on the internet.

Google Sites is a powerful tool to develop a cloud-based website. What that means is:
  • No hosting costs
  • No installing software
  • No uploading files
  • No dealing FTP's
  • No learning a new programing language (HTML, XML, or others)
  • Graphically, no having to learn CSS stlye sheets or learning how to change your header graphic
  • No worrying about a Linux hosting package.
With pre-formatted tools for embedding applications and content like YouTube, Google Video, Presentations, Table of Contents, and Forms, anyone can quickly and easily create a new website, and quickly and easily add fresh, relevant content to their site at no cost!
What You'll Learn in Google Sites 101 - Build and Update Websites Quickly, Easily and Cheaply with Google Sites:
Google Sites is a powerful product that can easily and quickly benefit companies and individuals who "take time to save time (and money)", who learn how to use this product from experts who know the ropes.
In this Do It Today Workshop on Google Sites, you will learn, by doing, how to:
  • Create a website and customize it to match your brand (logo, colors, and concepts)
  • Upload files to your File Cabinet to make your files available online.
  • Use the Announcements page type to update everyone -- in your company or from your list -- on events and activities.
  • Use the "Insert" feature to embed all types of "rich" content --videos, calendars, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photo slideshows, web forms, and gadgets.

Google Sites 101:

Build and Update Websites Quickly, Easily and Cheaply with Google Sites is a fast paced, hands-on workshop for on-line marketers, business owners, and anyone who is interested in creating a Google Site to use as an internal or external website.

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