Ultra Light Bootstrapping

May 2009 Entrepreneurs Forum:

Ultra Light Bootstrapping


  • Strategies to starting up and getting far with little or no money
  • Real-life techniques that are working for other entrepreneurs and founders
  • Why, in today's environment, getting far with little/no money can be the difference between success and failure
  • Equity-strapping: getting people to work for equity
  • Bartering for services
  • Foregoing the office (running a company in the cloud)


  • Joe Chin, Founder and CEO of SourcePad (former founder/CEO of Guidester, Diadem, and JEV)

Panelists (alphabetic order):

  • Elaine Bolle, President of ClassifEye (former President/CEO of Government Payment Service, and also of Archex)
  • Ramesh Haridas, Partner at Russian Hill Ventures (former Founder/CEO of Chintano, and also of PrivacyBank.com)
  • Steven Krein, Co-Founder and CEO of OrganizedWisdom.com (former Co-Founder/CEO of Promotions.com and Transformation Ventures)
  • Nat Turner, Co-founder and President/COO of Invite Media (former founder of EatNow.com, CertificateSwap.com)

Name Sales End Price
Pitch   Ended $5
No-Pitch   Ended $15
Pay-At-Door (cash only - no credit cards)   Ended $20

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