Campustalks is a new initiative by the rectorate of Vrije Universiteit Brussel, developed and organized by CROSSTALKS. The idea is to enhance community building on the different campuses associated with VUB. The targeted audience consists of people from VUB, UZ Brussels, Erasmus College Brussels, ULB and Solvay, but of course everybody is very welcome.

In the context of Charles Darwin's 200th birth date and 150 years after his book “On the Origins of Species”,VUB CAMPUSTALKS wants to make a true interdisciplinary contribution to Darwin's legacy.


Each presenter is challenged to tell his story in 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds. No more, no less.

• The Evolution of Social Ties - Tom LENAERTS, Associate Professor, Bioinformatics and modeling, ULB/VUB

• Bacterial Altruism - Lode WYNS, Vicerector Research VUB

• Earth history reflected in DNA - Franky BOSSUYT, Head of Amphibian Evolution Lab, VUB

• Evolving Ethics - Katinka QUINTELIER , Graduate Student Arts & Philosophy, UGENT

• The Criminal Other - Jenneke CHRISTIAENS, Department of Penal Law & Criminology (VUB/UGent)

• Laws of Mass Action - Chris VAN SCHRAVENDIJK, Biomedical Sciences VUB

• and some surprise presentations + reception

*Pecha Kucha Brussels was launched by Alok Nandi, Architempo in collaboration with CROSSTALKS in November 2007. More info here.

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