ACF Introduction to Flow Cytometry Workshop

The Advanced Cytometry Facility (a joint initiative of the Centenary and Bosch Institutes and The University of Sydney) is conducting a flow cytometry workshop on April 16th 2009. It will be particularly focused on beginners but all are welcome.

(NOTE - this workshop is a repeat of a similar workshops held in April/May 2008).

Some more background from Professor Nicholas King:-

If you have heard of Flow Cytometry and wondered what the hell it was, wondered what the fuss was about and what it could possibly do for you, then this workshop will enable your gentle entry into the completely non-arcane investigative modality of flow cytometry. Indeed, the most arcane thing about flow cytometry is the use of the word, arcane. Simple logic and amazing statistical power to analyse and sort cells in suspension for cell cycle status and or progression, intracellular or cell surface membrane protein expression, nuclear translocation, cell surface markers, chromosomal studies, even fluorescence in situ hybridisation, to name but a few. These days we can use as many as 18 colours of fluorescence to define cell subsets to the nth degree, using a multitude of available fluorophores that can be excited from down in the UV all the way up to infra red. You should know within the first hour if this is of interest to your research. Excellent support. A great deal of collected wisdom and experience. Come along and see.




What is Flow Cytometry?

A introduction to Flow Cytometry and Flow Cytometry instrumentation

Professor Nicholas King, Department of Pathology


What can you do with Flow Cytometry?

An overview of some of the many applications of Flow Cytometry,including including imaging flow cytometry.

Dr Sabita Rana, Bosch Flow Cytometry Officer


How to make sense of Flow Cytometry data?

An overview of compensation and data analysis

Dr Adrian Smith, Manager, Cytometry, Centenary Institute

What is available?

An overview of the instruments and services offered by the AdvancedCytometry Facility and how to access them

Rob Salomon, Technical Support,Centenary Institute


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