Exploring Your Personal Brand and Making it Work For You!

Webinar Series

We will teach you how to effectively communicate your unique message and market yourself to the rest of the world in order to cause your audience to take action. 

We will save you...time, money and future headaches!

At the deepest level, these sessions will free you to identify your birthright gifts and discern your deepest passions and to fulfill your highest purpose.  If you feel the need to stretch into your calling, then we invite you to take the next wise step of -- strategy first. 

Join us for: fun, smarts and strategy.

This webinar experience takes you through a process that will help you unfold:

  • Who You Are at the Core
  • Assist You in Strategically Pinpointing Your Calling and 
  • Create a Laser Focused Mission
  • Then Effectivley Communicate That to the Rest of the World

What we will cover in the webinar:
• Your communication/personality type, what your gifts are, your strengths, your weaknesses and your unique calling.
• What your mission is – businesses have a mission statement, you should too!
• What you are a called to speak about – what is your story, and why you should stick with it!
We will take you through a proven process that will outline… 
•    Who your audience is
•    What triggers your audience to take action
•    Your ministry/message…what makes it uniquely you?
•    What do you promise your audience?
•    How are you benefiting your audience?
•    Receive fun tips and practical advice on how to create effective communication pieces. We will also cover the basics of effective bios, flyers/poster, web sites, business cards, and how to market yourself.

Dates to Remember:

April 28th, 7:00 pm (EST) - FREE introductory conference call.  We had a great response to this call!  Thank you for calling in.  You can listen to the recording by going to Nicole's web stie at: www.thevibrantcoach.com, or Carrie's web site at: wwwclmcginty.com. It's free so listen in!

May 19th,  7:00pm (EST) - Webinar,Part 1, Understanding your personality and how to make it work foryou.  In this first session we will uncover yourunique call, what your mission and vision are and who you are at the core.  (2-part webinar series $100)

May 26th, 7:00 pm (EST
) - Webinar,Part Two, Marketing/Communications session.  In thissecond session we will take what we learned about your personality and mission and apply it! Learn how to communicate yourmessage to the rest of the world.  We will take you through aseries of brand questions used at major advertising agencies to getto the bottom of how to effectively communicate to your given audience.  Andhow to market yourself.

Materials Included:

  • Strategic Vision Branding Questionaire
  • Personal Branding Questionaire
  • Marketing Plan Outline
  • Tip sheet on how to save time & money when setting up your communication pieces such as: your web site, blog, and bio. 

P.S. This series is also great for anyone that needs marketing/communications help. If you want to know more about marketing and communicating your business more effectively, to increase awareness and revnue - this call is for you too! 

Tell a friend...tell two and join us for: fun, smarts and strategy. 

For more information on Carrie McGinty and C.L. Marketing you can go to:  www.clmcginty.com

For more information on Nicole Greer and Vibrant Coaching you can go to:  www.thevibrantcoach.com

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