Throwback Tuesdays @ Antique Bar w/ Justin Faust, Glasnost (DJ set)

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Justin Faust & Glasnost (DJ Set) 

Damon Allen and Townsend Turner


Antique Bar 

Tuesday Sept 6, 2011

Free for 21+ with RSVP

$3 @ door 21+

$5 @ door 18+



Justin Faust


Spicing up 'French touch' electro/house with his own brand of German flavorings, Justin Faust is riding a wave of praise on the blog circuit as well as a string of successful live gigs in the US and Europe. Faust has been stirring up the nu-disco scene for the past few years - notably with his Revenge EP that garnered the remix attention of Russ Chimes, and "Capri Spinoff" which appeared on many year-end best single lists. He's since churned out remixes of Missy Elliot, Daft Punk, The Rock Steady Crew, Fare Soldi, Florrie and Heads We Dance, among many others and been working with artists all over the globe. Just recently he had a track appear on BBC1's Annie Mac radio show from his much praised Discotexas EP "Holdin On". Live, he's known for dropping the floor with his blend of rich, energetic, and synthy melodic electro and has played alongside the likes of DANGER, Louis La Roche, Moullinex, Xinobi and Kap10kurt. 


What the others say ...
"Beware Braxe, Falke and Lifelike, this guy is out to get you!"

"If anyone knows how to make a delicious sound smoothie it would be Justin Faust ..."

"The music lies somewhere between spaced out hi-nrg and post-2022 french house. Electronic music has a tendency to be doomed to uncreative looping, but Faust has a natural talent in creating tracks that have a variation yet maintain a strong singular energy. Most importantly, Justin Faust is forging a new path in electronic music that melts bright italo synth with electro bass and house rhythm. I’m in love. [...] he is EPIC!"

"imagine braxe, falke, lifelike, daft punk and every other french hero you ever had sitting together, enjoying cheese and wine and making music in some kind of studio or house. yes, i know the awesomeness of the thought is captivatingly crippling, but so is justin faust's music. i havent heard anything this lush, classy, amazing, or good ever."

"[The] bavarian synth magician"

"The lord of the dreamwave-aliciously rad dance floor killers ... "

"Justin Faust has restored my faith in electronic music. [...] he slowly becomes the German French touch icon he was born to be."

"Geschmacklos vollmundiger Discoitalosound, mit 80s-Kitsch-Hymnen-Gedaddel und einer guten Überdosis guter Laune für den Dancefloor, der nach Lenor duftet."

"This man definitely owns his own sound."

"Not dancing to a Justin Faust track means you probably suck hard and are spending too much time on the internets..."

"Mad danceable, mad catchy, mad vibrant, and mad good."

"Nu-Disco Legend."

"Justin Faust is somewhat of a remix god when it comes to producing danceable music. [...] He is recognized by the sound that pumps through the speakers and the workout everyone else’s shoes go through when his own music comes on."
aerial noise

"Une fois de plus on est dans le registre du bon vieux synthé planant sur des sonorités house très entraînantes. Un mélange de tout ce qui se fait de mieux dans le genre, j’vous le dis! Par contre je savais vraiment pas quoi vous donner vu que je trouve tous ses remix géniaux et toutes ses prods parfaites…"

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