The Set and Forget Metro Detroit No Hassle Suburban Rental Property Bootcamp

The Set and Forget Metro Detroit No Hassle

Suburban Rental Property Bootcamp

So Totally Comprehensive on Friday and Saturday 


That You Can Make Your First Offer on SUNDAY!

Troy, Michigan


Learn how to Find, Buy, Fix, Rent, and Manage clean, profitable, and most importantly NO HASSLE rental properties in the Metro Detroit Suburbs.




This is an A to Z Bootcamp that crams nearly three days of content into two full days.

I'll go into ALL of the detail that you need to know to get started investing here in the metro Detroit suburbs.

And the best part? There's NO SELLING at this Bootcamp, and there's nothing extra that you need to buy. This Blueprint is comprehensive and everything you need is included in your materials.



And remember - I'm offering FIVE Special Bonuses to those that attend:

Bonus #1: My proprietary Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for evaluating properties.

Bonus #2: My rental contract on CD.

Bonus #3: Lunch & Learn with two of my specialists.

Bonus #4: Your own cash studies and actual examples

Bonus #5: A Quick Start Guide!


And let me emphasize again that there is NO HYPE and absolutely NO SELLING AT ALL in this boot camp. It's you, me and a few other investors together for two days - talking about nothing but my FAVORITE topic on the planet - CASH FLOW REAL ESTATE!!! I even stay after both days as long as it takes to get everyone's questions answered.



So, if you're serious about getting started - and you DON'T want to recreate the wheel - then this Blueprint Bootcamp is specifically FOR YOU.

And don't forget my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

If at the end of the first day you decide that this isn’t what you’re looking for, or you feel that you made a mistake, or you think that you’ve been misled, or you just don’t like the color of my tie, just tell me – and turn in your name tag and the manuals and CD - and I’ll refund your ENTIRE tuition AND give you a $100 gas card for your inconvenience.

 No questions asked. And no reasons necessary.

It doesn’t get any more risk free than that. In fact I’M taking all of the risk – the risk to deliver and meet YOUR expectations.

Your future is in your hands.

Take advantage of this market NOW! I will show you how.



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