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Introducing NetworkXpress ...

The beauty of NetworkXpress is that it is complimentary to all other forms of networking or network organisations and it is very simple and easy to benefit from without major commitement in terms of time or outlay.  The basic principle is to form groups that will meet once a month in an evening where members pay a single annual subscription to attend all the meetings with no additional fees or costs at each meeting.

Our Mission is to make social business networking accessible to the widest possible audience to the mutual benefit of all members and the small business community as a whole.

Initally NetworkXpress will be held at Stotfold Mill, Stotfold, Hertfordshire but as demand grows further meetings will be launched around the counties.


Guest Speaker....

Garth Delikan



An Hour Of Your Life That Might Just Save Your Life!

Violent crimes are still comparatively rare and account for a very small part of recorded crime, but if you were to pay attention to all the media headlines you could be forgiven for thinking that you, or someone close to you, will be the victim of a violent attack. The chance that you or a member of your family will be a victim of violent crime is low, however precautions undoubtedly need to be taken.

specialises in and runs workshops on “Personal Safety Awareness” and Self-Defence for men and women, with the prime directive being AVOIDANCE through AWARENESS, he will show you a few “funky” moves that require no special technique and definitely no excessive strength, that ANY PERSON can use if they should find themselves trapped.

It also covers the important role of “Body Language”, “Personal Safety Zones” and the use of “Voice” an often-overlooked factor in any situation.

Each workshop also covers Interactive “Role Play”, recreating every day scenarios i.e. on the train/tube, walking down the street, physical confrontation, driving and parking and also covers “Non Confrontational” defusing techniques.



Why join NetworkXpress ...

NetworkXpress is an engine to enable people to reach their destination to success, both personal and business. Once you reach your detination you will have achieved it for you and your business.  Board NetworkXpress to reach your Destination -> Business Success.

NetworkXpress is more than a networking organisation, it is a tool to help members from both personally and in business.  Group members will work with each other rather than on their own.


Features of NetworkXpress ...

  • Only £125.00 (inc VAT) annual membership fee
  • No catagory restriction
  • Monthly evening meeting
  • Relaxed and fun atmosphere
  • Regular keynote speakers
  • FREE Networking skills workshop
  • FREE entry in our members directory online

Date: Tuesday 11th August 2009

Venue: Stotfold Mill, Stotfold, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 4NU

Time: 18.15 onwards

Cost: Guests £12.00 (inc VAT and refreshments) Members FREE

Name Sales End Price Fee
NetworkXpress Ended £12 £0.5

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