The Open Road to Savings! A Sun Microsystems Innovative Roadshow

Budgets are shrinking, storage and compute requirements are expanding. In these tough times it's more

important than ever to find new ways to reduce costs. How do you solve this? innovations that

radically change the cost dynamic.

JOIN US! The Open Road to Savings roadshow is coming to a city near you. At this event, you'll learn how

our recent innovations can reduce your storage costs by up to 75%. And how you can significantly lower

power, heating and cooling costs while achieving maximum performance.

Attend this 1/2 day seminar to learn how the new Sun 7000 Unified Storage Systems combines cost

efficient industry standard components with advanced data management and diagnostic capabilities to


    * Radically simplified storage management
    * Unprecedented speed, scale and costs savings (up to 75% lower cost than comparable products)
    * The industry's simplest and most comprehensive analytics environment
    * Innovative new tools to help isolate and resolve issues to minimize impact to your business

You'll also learn how we're blending the scalability and reliability of traditional systems with the

breakthrough performance, eco-efficiency and cost effectiveness of technology innovations that reduce

costs while increasing business agility.

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