Julie Doiron w/ guest Dog Day and The Ramblin Quincys

Julie Doiron started playing music in 1990 in indie rawk darlings Eric's Trip, in 1994 she started to write and record solo songs under the moniker Broken Girl. In 1997 she changed her moniker to her proper name. Julie Doiron's always been pretty easy to figure out. More than any other songwriter, you can tell exactly what's going on in her life, as she lays it all out in her lyrics. She's direct, and painfully honest, but she can't help it. "I just sing about what's happening," she admits, resigned to her style. "I don't know how to do anything else. I don't know how to write any other way. I've wanted to...I've tried! Because sometimes I feel like maybe I shouldn't be so direct, but I don't know how." In the past, listeners have shared in the heartbreak of loneliness, the break-up of a band, the grind of raising young kids, and the dark fears anyone can slip into during a relationship. While the direct approach is still all over this new album, this time she's almost the happiest woman in town. "I keep saying that it's a change in a positive direction. I've started to love life most of the time, and I'm happy, and I'm having a great time raising my kids. Although I'm in the middle of divorcing my husband, we get along really well, and we have these beautiful children and everyone's civilized and we're all getting along very well. And I think that I feel really positive and really good."

Once in a while an album leads a band out of complete obscurity. Dog Day's debut EP Thank You was such an album. It was the brainchild of Seth Smith, created on his Mac before the group had even played a show.  It was originally released in 2003 as a run of 15 handmade CD-Rs. But within months the album shot to the top ten on Canada's college radio charts and the band started receiving calls from labels both in Canada and abroad. The CBC even commissioned Dog Day to perform a full concert on Canada's national radio station. 

When gypsy folk music meets Appalachian, bluegrass and ho-down country you get an idea of what you might hear from Miss Quincy and The Ramblers. Playing original tunes pulled from the careful observation of characters, experiences and the unpredictability of life, the stories presented by this dynamic group cannot fail to connect people to the roots of music and storytelling. Fronting the group is Miss Quincy whose musical interpretations can send shivers down your spine or make you get up and shake a leg.  Together they create and re-create their sound for a unique musical experience matching the time and place.




Doors at 8PM / $12 (plus $1.99 for eventbrite/paypal fees) 


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