Operation: Market Garden - Paintball Scenario

Operation: Market Garden Sept. 5th-6th, 2009 (Overview)

”During the fall of 1944 the Allies attempt to end the war before Christmas. Their plan is to drop 30,000 para-troops 300 mile behind enemy lines and then send XXX corps to save them. Their aim is to game the bridges over the Rhine and have an open gate into Germany . Do you have what it takes?”


 Our advertising for this event is already in motion and will be a nation wide endeavor. We are within 15 minutes of a DFW International Airport , within 5 minute of 10 hotels and have camping area enough for 800 people. The field is large enough to support 800 to 1,000 players. We feel that this would be a good destination for long distance players to come without to much cost or trouble. We feel that the market potential of this game for 2009 is 400 to 600 players. Most players are middle income, male and between 17 years old and 30 years old. These numbers are based on past games, market and interest shown


This will be the 5th annual event!


Game info:
Gate opens at 17:00hrs Fri, Sept. 4.
Meet and greet at HQ2 with open hospitality tent.

Sat. Sept 5
Air stations and paint sales open at 07:00hrs.
Ref announcements start at 09:00hrs.

Drop zone Alpha (Arnham) goes hot at 09:30hrs, Drop zone Baker (Nijmegan) goes hot at 09:45hrs and Drop Zone Charlie (Oosterbeck) goes hot at 10:00hrs.

Secondary objectives open from 12:00hrs to 14:00hrs

Flag counts vary by location and mission
Games last until 17:30hrs.
Night game starts at 22:00hrs and will last one hour.

Sun. Sept 6
Air stations and paint sales open at 08:00

Ref announcements start at 09:00hrs

Germans rollout to set defenses at 09:30

British XXX Corps start the attack at 10:00hrs on the first section of the road.

Scoring and lunch brake at 12:00hrs

Game moves to second road section and Germans set defenses at 13:00hrs

British XXX Corp start the second attack at 13:30hrs

Scoring and short brake at 15:30hrs.

Final Battle starts at 14:00 and goes until there is a clear victor
Awards and final score announced at 17:30hrs.

Weekend price on the game is $70 per person or $60 if you pre-register.
One day is $40 per person or $35 pre-register
Pre-registration dead line is Tues Sept 9.
Price includes game badge, air/co2, camping, entry and a regulation barrel bag. You can Pre-register by sending funds to madivanpb@aol.com by paypal.


The Team are divided into a Divisional command structure with a total of 6 commanders and 6 OX positions.


As of 12-1-08 (the list will be adjusted as we get through the year)

Allied Forces are:

British XXX corp. and 1st Airborne: CO Glen Boswell, XO “unknown” (45%-60% of the total force)

Teams listed with this division: ODA214, Texas Ghostwalkers, Cupacabra

American 101st/82nd Airborne: CO Mike Shelby, XO “unknown” (35%-45% of the total force)

Teams listed with this division: Death dealers, Sherman raiders,

Polish 1st Airborne: CO Charles "Hardshell" York  XO “unknown” (5%-20% of the total force, caped at 50 players)

Team listed with this division: Texas Rough Necks 


Axis Forces are:

2nd SS “Bitrich” Division: CO Andy Wofford, XO Anthony Fruzia (45%-60% of the total force)

Teams listed with this division: D-Day Axis command staff, Fuzzy ducks, Swamp Rats,

417th Inf.: CO Mel Hall, XO Kurt "RAT" Radtnzer (35%-45% of the total force)

Teams listed with this division: Recon Raiders, Wolfpack, Nac-pack, Texas PB militia

6th FMJ: CO Todd Chambers XO “unknown” (5%-20% of the total force, caped at 50 players)

Team listed with this division: Hellions

We have working showers on site and 10 acres of camping. If you are planning on bringing an RV please call DFW to get a reserved spot.

We will have hot dogs, chili and nachos on site. There is a wal-mart and plenty of places to go eat with in a 10 min. drive.

With the interest we have had in this game over the years, we fully expect this to bring more than 500 players!!

Please forward this info along to people you think might like to know…


See you at the game,

Ivan Stober

Mad Ivan’s Scenarios

Ft.Worth, TX







Name Sales End Price Fee
Operation: Market Garden Ended $60 $1.5

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