FREE Introduction: Playing the 90-Day Breakthrough Game - "Career/Life Path Special" - with Caitlin Miller


If you're currently in need of a breakthrough in the area of Career or Life Path, Caitlin Miller will show you how to get it by playing the 90-Day Breakthrough Game. Meeting at the same time online every week for 90 days, using state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, Caitlin won't just tell you how to get your breakthrough, she'll show you.  For more information about the program itself, click on an upcoming program on the event registration summary page ( or go to her website for more information:  Please note that this program is career/life path-specific.  If the breakthrough you seek is in another domain (eg health, relationships, community) please join the waiting list for the next general program.  Additional programs are scheduled based on demand and we use the waiting list as a guide.)  You can join the program waiting list by emailing us at

GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED     I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you 

Come and get your questions answered about the program, but be prepared to leave the call having learnt something!  Part of the 2-hour meeting will be focused on downloading at least one breakthrough tool that you can use the minute you step off the call.  It is very important that you attend a free introduction before registering for an actual program: the program has been very specifically designed to maximize your chances of producing a genuine breakthrough in a very short space of time.  


When you sign up for the actual program, in essence you are purchasing 30 hours of time with a world-class leadership coach.  Caitlin promises to run alongside you for 15 weeks to show you how to use the information she gives you to get the results you need.   So come prepared to work!  And be sure to register only if you're committed to staying the course.  That means showing up online each week (2 hours per week on a weekday evening) and, just as importantly, actively working on implementing your breakthrough strategy in between sessions.


On this free introduction, you will get a chance to partially experience the wonders of the technology Caitlin has rented to create a virtual room in which we can all meet.  We say 'partially' because if you don't have a web cam, you can still join the call and you'll be able to see her and the other participants who have web cams but she won't be able to see you.  If you are sharing a friend's web cam, please experiment before the call so that you can both be seen on camera.  Maximum two per web cam please!  (And, if you feel inspired, putting some light behind your computer will help us to see your smiley little face more brightly;-))


Once they've attended an introduction, many people feel motivated to buy a web cam or borrow or share someone else's technology.  So for this introductory session only we will be using a regular telephone conference call for the audio component of the call.   Please note: that means that the audio component will not be that great and the quality you experience on the call will not be representative of the program itself.  When you call into the meeting, please do NOT call in using a cell phone.  And, if you can help it, please do not use VOIP.  Both create a lot of static on the line, making it an underwhelming experience for all concerned.  Please call from a friend's land line if you don't have one.

Having the phone line available for this call is essential because the technology is new.  Please do whatever you can to log in at least 30 minutes before the call so that you can navigate the video conference.  Someone from CommunicationEssentials will be acting as host for the call and will be online at that time to help get you up and running.  If you encounter any difficulties, calling in on the telephone conference number will allow you to speak with them.   Once you have the video component working, you can cut the phone connection and dial back in at the official program start time.  


  • dial in from a landline, not VOIP (eg Skype) or cell phone
  • a decent quality web cam (if you have one)
  • at the very least, a regular speed dsl connection (the faster the better)
  • a Windows operating system (or running Bootcamp on Mac, which requires the Leopard OS)
  • a very quiet environment


With a solid 17-year track record as an international executive coach, life coach and corporate therapist Caitlin is a native of the UK and is currently based in Marin, California. She works with clients around the world and offers her public breakthrough programs whenever her schedule makes it possible.  More information about Caitlin and her work can be found by visiting

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Free Intro - Yes, I do have a web cam Ended Free
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