Open Telephony Training Seminar special venue APR09

This training seminar will teach advanced topics to deploy, troubleshoot, customize and administer Asterisk®/FreePBX® solutions and will use AsteriskNowTM 1.5 as a platform although it is pertinent to trixboxTM, Elasitx, pbxinaflash, and others including custom installs.

At three days, OTTSsv is a slightly compact version of OTTS. With the class limited to ten learners, lodging and gourmet meals included, OTTSsv is also a more relaxed method of presenting our material. As such, we are omitting the sales and marketing portions and may make other slight adjustments to fit the venue.

Speaking of venue, we have chosen something special located near Bellingham, WA, nestled in the northwest corner of Whatcom County, sits Lummi Island, home of The Willows Inn, an historic Bed and Breakfast retreat. Its organic, authentic farm-to-table fine dining is consistent with Slow Food, making The Willows Inn one of the most sought after B&Bs and agritourism destinations in the San Juan islands. A short ferry trip is required, allthough sail-ins are welcome depending on weather. Check the approach here.

The seminar starts by providing an advanced foundation in FreePBX and Asterisk. With that solid foundation in place, we move into the Linux command line and how it relates directly to PBX administration, and troubleshooting. We cover system and telephony hardware and IP phones and what to consider when choosing these components.

Course Objectives

  • Obtain required knowledge to comfortably work with the Linux command line to address remote PBX administration needs
  • Understand components of Asterisk and FreePBX and how they fit together
  • Understand the architecture and key components of FreePBX and where to look if/when things go wrong
  • Understand basic Asterisk concepts and terms and what they mean
  • Be efficient at FreePBX deployment planning and all the required basics, MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes), Effective IVR planning and construction, inbound and outbound routing, DID assignments, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution – Queues) and Ring Group usage, Fax integration and considerations
  • Understand 911/E911 considerations and where FreePBX may be able to help
  • Understand TDM (Zaptel) and VoIP (SIP, IAX) trunking and configuration, branch office integration and DUNDi.
  • Address system and TDM hardware considerations, including motherboard selection and impacts of hardware selection on PBX performance and audio quality
  • Deal with echo, troubleshoot and fix interrupt (IRQ) issues
  • Understand basic telephony and work with the telco providers to effectively troubleshoot
  • Understand and address Security concerns of the PBX installation
  • Learn how to use a demo kit and wow your perspective clients in their own offices – changing the game against the traditional providers

Attendees should plan on bringing a laptop to the event to participate in lab exercises that will be organized around skill level present..

There will be plenty of opportunity to mingle with the trainers and class participants during the course and in the evening events and dinners that will be organized as this package includes lodging April 20th, 21st and 22nd and meals April 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

If you have questions or need to pay for your registration by means other than Credit Card or check you can contact us at:

Toll Free: 1-877-875-0525
Email: training at freepbx dot org

Asterisk® and Digium® are registered trademarks of Digium, Inc.

All sales are final. Registrations can be transferred but not refunded. Contact us if you have any further questions.

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