Arabic Music Workshops for Dancers, Drummers, Musicians and Vocalists, with Souhail Kaspar and Rachid Halihal

Arabic Music Workshops
for Dancers, Drummers, Musicians & Vocalists

with Souhail Kaspar and Rachid Halihal

For Dancers

In Souhail's Rhythm & Movement for Dancers Workshop, learn the art and personality (downbeats and accents) of common Middle-Eastern rhythms, how to interpret melody, instrumentation and rhythm in your dance, the differences in dance for full orchestra and taksim (solo melodic improvisation) and and how to bring each tone of the drum solo to life through movement, isolation, direction and intensity. Sunday, March 15, 9-11am.

For Drummers

In Souhail's Beginning Doumbek Workshop, learn proper posture, instrument position, flexibility exercises, basic Dums and Teks, introductory rhythms, and timing. Experienced drummers who wish to improve their technique can also benefit. Saturday, March 14, 9-11am.
In his Intermediate-Advanced Doumbek Workshop, Souhail will teach more advanced techniques, drills to improve speed while maintaining good form, and more complex rhythms. Sunday, March 15, 12-2pm.
For Musicians & Vocalists

In his Arabic Music, Level I Workshop, Rachid will introduce the elements of Arabic music, including maqams (Arabic scales) and taqsims (improvisations). All instruments and singers welcome. Saturday, March 14, 9-11am.

Rachid's Arabic Music, Level II Workshop will help musicians and singers who have some experience with Arabic modes further their understanding and deepen their approach to performing the music in an ensemble and as soloists. Sunday, March 15, 9-11 am.

Private Lessons with Rachid. One-hour or two-hour lessons available for melodic instrument players and vocalists. Sunday, March 15, 12-1pm and/or 1-2pm.

About Souhail Kaspar

Grammy nominee and master percussionist Souhail Kaspar is known worldwide for his brilliant technique, exciting performances, and teaching skills. He has traveled extensively, and performed with many superstars of both Arabic and Western music, played on soundtracks of major motion pictures, recorded aclaimed CDs, produced instructional DVDs, and worked with legendary composers. He now lives in Los Angeles and performs, records, and teaches both nationally and internationally.

Souhail drum solo video:
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About Rachid Halihal

Rachid Halihal was born in Morocco, where he entered the Dar Aadyil Conservatory of Music in Fez as a teenager. A world-class vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Rachid presents the true character and spirit of the diverse musics of the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, Morocco, Andalusian Spain and the Persian Gulf. He has performed throughout Morocco, the Ivory Coast, Finland, Canada and the United States. Rachid lives in Boulde, Colorado and continues to travel in the US and abroad to perform, teach, and record.

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Name Price Fee
Beginning Doumbek with Souhail Kaspar. Sat, Mar 14, 9-11am $50 $1.25
Reserve a loaner doumbek Free
Arabic Music, Level I for Musicians & Vocalists with Rachid Halihal. Sat, Mar 14, 9-11a $50 $1.25
Rhythm & Movement for Dancers with Souhail. Sun, Mar 15, 9-11am $50 $1.25
Arabic Music, Level II for Musicians & Vocalists with Rachid Halihal. Sun, Mar 15, 9-11am $50 $1.25
Intermediate-Advanced Doumbek with Souhail Kaspar. Sun, Mar 15, 12-2pm $50 $1.25
1-Hour Private Lesson with Rachid Halihal. Sun, Mar 15, 12-1pm   $60 $1.5
1-Hour Private Lesson with Rachid Halihal. Sun, Mar 15, 1-2pm   $60 $1.5
2-hour Private Lesson with Rachid Halihal. Sun, Mar 15, 1-2pm   $110 $2.75