Ephemeria Artistamp Camp


This summer even moms get to go to camp.- or at least YOU will because you can attend Ephemeria's virtual "Artistamp Camp."

The fun is just beginning because when you go to Artistamp Camp

  1. You'll get to download a supply packet of images - both new artistanps and collage clips designed to work with the artistamps
  2. The counsellors will not make you dive into a frigid lake
  3. You'll get to see a number of design ideas of how the images could be used in Greeting and note cards, ATCs, bookmarks, tags, chubby book pages, etc that campers might make using the images - maybe something like the cool Summer Dream shown here.
  4. You'll have a private online spot to get feedback, your questions answered etc,
  5. You can chose the time of day you stop by our virtual "campsite" and come back as often as you like for a whole week. No meetings or events to schedule!
  6. And you'll get a forum for doing "show and tell" of what you come up with in the days following "camp"
  7. Swaps? Group projects? You want it, we'll do it.
  8. You can bring your friend and get a special "thank you" gift
  9. And we promise the things you have to show for the experience won't include poison ivy.
Learn more about Ephemeria and Artistamps at http://susanreynolds.blogs.com/

Name Sales End Price
Early Bird Ended $12.5
Standard Camper Ended $20
Procrastinators Ended $25

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Stay tuned campers, Artistamp Camp begins May 18th. And pssst ... Ephemeria's Artistamp sheet: the Bunnies of Ephemeria, Issue 127.05, is now officially available.


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