Spring Cleaning: Embrace Your Life Fully with Family Constellations

It's been a long, cold winter, but let's welcome the first signs of Spring with an inner Spring cleanse of patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. It's time to fully take hold of your life. Unrecognized ancestral patterns breed relationship, health, financial, and family issues that sometimes defy repeated attempts to transform them but they can be transformed with Family Constellations/Family Repatterning. Family Repatterning is an embodied method to uncover and resolve these past events and traumas in the present. Combining family constellation work (developed and practiced in Europe over the last twenty years) with mindfulness, ritual, beliefs, and scientifically proven guided imagery techniques, this method creates resolution and familial reconnection.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Non-member Ended $75 $1.88
Member Anthroposophical Society Ended $65 $1.62
Family Healing Partners   Ended Free
Two Person Discount Ended $130 $3.25
Three Person discount Ended $180 $4.5

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