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In today's economy, accountable behaviors are even more emphasized and receive more focus than ever before. Funding sources expect accountability of how dollars are spent. Executive Directors expect accountability in delivery of services. Supervisors are holding people accountable for their actions. But what does "accountability" really mean? How do we know if we are behaving accountably? How do we help our staff and volunteers to behave accountably?

Speaker:  Rhonda Hall

With over eighteen years experience providing consulting service to clients in aerospace, nuclear generation, non-profit and pharmaceutical industries, Rhonda Hall has worked with all levels of an organization. She has been successful with executive management, small business owners and front-line employees in the areas of high performance coaching, team development and business process design. She has successfully facilitated clients through processes resulting in dramatic improvements in organizational and individual performance.


The Nuclear News, a publication for the American Nuclear Society featured an article on a nuclear power plant that had worked with Rhonda. The V.P of Security describes his experience, "I was one of the folks trained in the "accountability" methodology presented at the site. I worked a great deal with Rhonda, and I am here to tell you, she is the best! She has not only the skill and intuition to dig into your organization and find what's wrong, she has the guts to tell you that 'you have broccoli in your teeth' and the ability to

help you fix it."


Rhonda has designed, developed and implemented numerous organizational development interventions while working at Johnson & Johnson, and the management consulting firms KPMG Peat Marwick and Lord & Hogan. At Seton HealthCare Network, Rhonda provides management consulting services focused on releasing human potential, and through her own company, HR Matters, partners with client management to create accountable cultures and realize high performance. Her clients have included: Toshiba Corporation (Japan), Jansen-Cilag Pharmaceutical (Czech Republic), and the Army Reserve Personnel Command (Missouri).


She holds a Masters Degree from Southwest Texas State University in Interdisciplinary Studies specializing in: Organizational Development, Organizational Design and Human Performance. Her Bachelor's, also from Southwest Texas State University, is in Applied Sociology.

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